Relaxing Hot Tub

Our jets target massage therapy
to reduce stress, pain and soreness

Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ have jets that focus water flow to specific trigger point areas on the body to jets that swirl in a pattern that emulates a 'kneading massage motion' ˜ you will be sure to relieve every ache and pain. Our ergonomic seating configurations are designed to maximize jet positions to cover the body from the neck and shoulders all the way down to the bottoms of your feet. You will be happy to know that our massage jets have you covered from top to bottom.

2.25" Adjustable Hot Tub Jet 3.25" Adjustable Hot Tub Jet 5.25" Massage Hot Tub Jet 5.25" Deep Tissue Adjustable Hot Tub Jet 5.25" Single Adjustable Hot Tub Jet 5.25" Dual Deep Tissue Rotating Hot Tub Jet

2.25” Adjustable
& directional

Target areas: Leg, back, wrist. This jet allows strategic placement to group multiple jets together in a small area.

3.25” Adjustable
& directional

Target areas: Leg, foot, neck, shoulder, back. This jet can be directed to maximize your ultimate comfort, as it is fully adjustable.

5.25” Massage with
14 flow nozzles

This massage jet delivers an extreme massage action through fourteen concentrated jets. These jets provide unbelievable hydro therapeutic relief.

5.25” Deep tissue, adjustable & directional

This adjustable jet provides a high water flow for a deep tissue massage to loosen the extremely tight muscle groups.

5.25” Single nozzle, deep tissue, power rotating

This single nozzle jet rotates an extravagant swirl of water and air bubbles emulating a 'kneading' deep tissue massage.

5.25” Dual nozzle, deep tissue, power rotating

This dual nozzle jet rotates two extravagant swirls of water and air bubbles emulating a 'kneading' deep tissue massage.


12 relaxing massage therapy target
areas to reduce your stress, pain and
soreness - anytime of the day!

“How about a relaxing full body massage a day for life?” Why not? You deserve it. With your new spa from Birch Bay Hot Tubs™, you can pamper yourself everyday, around the clock ˜ right in the comfort of your backyard. Each of the strategically designed jets and seating configurations target hot water massage therapy to specific areas of the body, reproducing many professional massage techniques you would find at a day spa.

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Hot Tub Massage Techniques

Health benefits of hydrotherapy


You may already know that quite a few sports therapists and rehabilitation specialists make use of hydrotherapy for a number of different physical ailments and injury recovery. Did you know, however, you can gain the benefits from the therapy right in your back yard, whether you have an ailment like arthritis or you are just tired from stressful work days?

Hot Tub Pain Relief

Benefits for Arthritis Pain, Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and more


The truth is, there is much more to spas and hot tubs that just what you expect. They also offer hydrotherapy that can be healing and relaxing when you choose a hot tub from Birch Bay Hot Tubs™. You may be thinking that you do not need any sort of physical rehabilitation and you just want a spa to enjoy, but there are many reasons to consider hydrotherapy. Here are just a few and I am quite sure that several will apply to you and your family.

Hot Tub Relaxation

Relax sore joints and tired muscles

Hydrotherapy is not just about healing. It is also about relaxation and de-stressing. Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ offers a unique design in their jets to combine warm air with warm water to offer the most unique relaxation for sore and tired muscles. As the hydro massage and heat come in contact with your body, they immediately loosen tense muscles that can lead to soreness and discomfort.


There are numerous studies that show there is an immediate effect of relaxing in warm water. Because we spend most of the day on our feet, our bodies are affected by the pressure of uncomfortable shoes, non-ergonomic chairs, and even the gravity. When you relax in the warm water of a Birch Bay hot tub, all of the pressures are removed from your body, which allows it to reach a truly relaxed state.

Because immersion in warm water actually leads your body to release endorphins, you will find an enhanced pain reliever from relaxing in a spa. This combination of de-stressing, relaxation, and pain relief will allow you to go through your days and nights in a much more relaxed state. You will even find that you are able to sleep better!

Sleep Better | Birch Bay Hot Tubs

Relieve stress, headaches and sleep better