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(Frequently asked questions)

Question: Where are Birch Bay Hot Tubs made?
Answer: Birch Bay Hot Tubs, a Division of Hydra Plastics, Inc., are made in the U.S.A. just outside of Seattle, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Question: How long have you been manufacturing hot tubs? Answer: Birch Bay Hot Tubs, a Division of Hydra Plastics, Inc., have been manufacturing for over 36 years. We build some of the best and most energy efficient hot tubs in theworld. Our hot tubs electrical costs are between $9.90 and $17.20 per month to operate based on standard calculation methods*
* Based on operating temperature of 102 degrees constantly. With an average electric rate of 10 cents per kWh. Ambient air temperature of 60 degrees constantly. Your actual operating cost will vary depending upon actual use, ambient air temperature and your local utility rate.
Question: Where can I place my hot tub?
Answer: We recommend a level 4” thick concrete slab, 6” of well tamped 5/8” minus crushed rock or any deck built to current code.
Question: What is the electrical requirement?
Answer: A typical installation will require a 240-volt, 50-amp service to wire to the main panel. Most homes built since the mid 1980’s will have space in the panel.
Question: Some of your hot tubs are loaded with a lot of jets. Why would I want so many?
Answer: We have many different designs, hot tub sizes and seating configurations to accommodate many different customer needs. Each one of our jets replicates a particular massage therapy to reduce stress, pain and sore muscles. Turn on or off any jet to focus water flow right where you need it. From the casual soaker, family fun or full body hydrotherapy massage – we have the right hot tub to fit your lifestyle.
Question: I have heard people complain about various pests moving into the underside of the spa. How do I keep that from happening?
Answer: For Birch Bay Hot Tubs, this is not an issue. We provide a sealed, insulated cabinet and flooring system to keep out unwanted pests.